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    Hi, My name is Peter, and I have been submitting photos to a number of websites for a few years now. I submit photos to Google Maps, who keep my up-to-date with my number of views received. Latest email the other day was 450,000. I have about 150 photos on there. My favourite subject is aircraft of all types, from light recreational aircraft to airliners and military aircraft. However, I take whatever opportunity presents itself, regardless of the subject. I have access to a number of cameras, but my main take-it-everywhere camera is a Lumix FZ35. Here are just a very few of my photos.
    This is the smallest plane I have photographed. It is a Thruster, and belonged to a friend of mine. This is an Australian designed Brumby 610. It is now being manufacured in China, but the parts are returned to Australia where they are assembled at the Brumby factory at Cowra NSW. A formation of former RAAF training aircraft.
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    Good morning Peter. Welcome to the forum. I am conducting the "Know your camera" course and you are most welcome to participate in the course or join in the discussion on images posted by other members.




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      Hi Bob, Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to sharing with you all.


      • Gary H
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        G'day Peter, and welcome. With your interest in aircraft you are probably aware of a special area at Mascot Airport in Sydney. Called Shep's Mound it was set aside just for keen aircraft photographers, with an elevated platform, near the control tower. If you are in Sydney at any time and would like to go there, just yell as I live fairly close. Full details can be found at

        Cheers, Gary

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      Thanks for the welcome, Gary. I used to live in Sydney back in the 70's, but haven't been there for years. Tullamarine Airport Melbourne has one special viewing area at the back of the airport, on Link Road near the control tower. I don't like it, however, because it's in a dip, and you can't take a photo without the high wire fence with barbed wire on top. A couple of hundred metres back down the road, beside the golf course, and in the shade of the trees, is where I shoot from. At that point, the aircraft are in the air, either just taken off if heading south, or about to land if coming from the south, and you shoot over the wire. An example of each below. At the northern end of the airport, there is a viewing area, complete with snack vans, etc at the right time, but it too has a problem in that you shoot from the front as the planes approach, directly under the belly, or directly from behind if they have passed. Only 100 metres to the west is a lane, beside a church which gives a great view in the afternoon with the sun behind you.


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        For photos of other subjects, here are some further samples. You can see over 1600 of my photos at