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  • Canada

    I have been to Canada & America a few times, to both the west and east coasts.
    arriving at the Vancouver Airport Pacific Central Transport Bus and Train Hub connecting to the rest of Canada Stanley Park which borders Vancouver and the Harbour it is about 500 hectares

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Plenty of interesting scenery over there to keep any photographer happy I bet
    Cheers, Brad.


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      Welcome to you clangrant.
      Don't be afraid to put larger images on. We can handle them.

      Would like to have a wander around Canada. Seen a bit of USA have a son in Houston so travelled to many places in Texas and have done NY, LA, San Francisco, Pasadena, Chicago, Philadelphia and some others Interesting places but wouldn't swap living here for living there for quid.

      In Scotland for Christmas. and Hogmanay so might see some Grants.

      You haven't lived until you've done the Hogmanay torchlight procession lead by a group of crazed Vikings from the Royal Mile along Princess St all the way up to the top of Calton Hill (approx 1.3 miles) for a massive bonfire and fireworks.

      By torch light I don't mean flash light but lighted torches with real flames. Last time we were there the participants were some 35,000 strong and not one person caught on fire. This is one thing that should be on everyones bucket list. Something you won't definitely won't forget.

      Sorry for hijacking your post but wuth a username of clangrant I just couldn't resist.

      Cheers - Neil


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        Hi Neil,
        yes I have been to quite a few places in the US & CANADA since 2012, I'm going back to CANADA in March 2018. Yeah not long to go now about 5 weeks
        I am really looking forward to this trip, as I haven't been when it's been cold. So I will have to wait and see cheers Robert


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          I posted these as someone might like to look at them there just some of the many I have from Canada etc


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            Welcome to the forum Clangrant, looking forward to seeing more images from Canada. You can post larger images here if you like, have a look at the "How To Upload Images" tab in the black bar at the top of the page.