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Aurora Australis - D'Entrecasteaux Channel, Tasmania

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  • Aurora Australis - D'Entrecasteaux Channel, Tasmania

    It's been a while since my last post, we have been suffering down here from a lack of auroral activity as were are currently in the solar minimum.

    I headed out on Thursday night as the indicator gauges were showing some promise for colour appearing. After 3 hours of some subtle glow this finally arrived at 12:55am on 1st March. It certainly made the wait worthwhile.

    Click image for larger version

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    Lovely colours there Kev. Definitely worth the wait as you said.
    I have never seen the Aurora lights, or the Northern ones either, so thanks for posting your photo.

    Not much activity here anymore I’m afraid, so unfortunately your great photo is not getting many views or comments, such a shame.
    Cheers, Brad.


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      Beautiful photo Kev. A number of years ago my daughter and son in law went to Finland for a 1 week search for the Northern Lights and were rewarded with a couple of amazing light shows. I've seen the Sourthern Aurora a couple of times as a child but no photos or not as big or as spectacular as whet you photographed. Cheers - Neil