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Super Moon 14-11-16

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  • Super Moon 14-11-16

    Managed to find a gap in the clouds to capture the super moon.

    Nikon D7100, Tamron 150-600, @600mm, f8, 1/1000th, iso100, on tripod.
    Click image for larger version

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    Cheers, Brad.

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    Nice one Brad. I tried but couldn't get anything through he clouds where I am in Geelong. Even waited up until 12 52 which is when it was at the flosest point to us but bloody clouds just wouldn't go away..


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      Same up here Neil to many clouds. I did get to see it for about 10sec whilst driving to work as it past through the only hole in the clouds.
      Our local rag could not even get a picture of it so the printed someone bum on the front page of the newspaper. http://www.ntnews.com.au/
      Nice photo brad you lucky bugger.
      Cheers Rum Pig

      It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.


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        Here's one I prepared earlier.

        Right click on it to open in a new page then + to see full size.

        I'm tricking.... It's from a previous post of mine and pinched from the Lumix site.