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  • Helicon FB Tube

    Helicon FB Tube is an extension tube with integrated electronic microcontroller designed to enable automated focus bracketing in single or continuous shooting modes.
    Looks like the price is about $200, but may be of interest if you are into closeup / macro work. Unfortunately, not suitable for landscape work.


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    I just checked out that Link Bob, very interesting.
    I haven't tried focus stacking yet, but it is on my list of things to do.
    I will keep this in mind if I decide to get right into it, $200 could be a worthwhile investment.
    Cheers, Brad.


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      Purchased a Panasonic Lumix TZ110 back in late 2016 Needed something very compact and for dummies to use without a massive price.This camera has something similar built in. Not the same but allows for focusing on different sections of photo in Post Focus mode Below is a link to the Post Focus info and video.

      I have played with it and it works really well.

      Cheers - Neil


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        Good morning Neil,
        I didn't have time to read the article in detail, but from what I saw it looks like it is taking 49 images at different focus settings, from which you can select the image you want. Do you have any idea of the amount of memory that is used in this mode?
        FYI, I will be looking at focus stacking and muli-focus / multi focal lenght stacks in the advanced Landscape section of the Understanding your camera course. This image was taken using 2 different focal lenghts (35mm and 70mm) and 3 different focus points. The 5 images are blended manually in photoshop.

        Click image for larger version

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        I would be interested in seeing some of your multi- focus point images with the panasonic, and if possible details of how (if) the images are saved on the memory card and to what extent they can be manipulated in Photoshop, etc.




        • Grumpy John
          Grumpy John commented
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          Hi Bob, I know nothing of the camera or how the images are saved, but I'm guessing that they would be saved in JPEG format to save space on the card. If this is the case then you would be limited to the amount of post processing available.