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Project 52 to continue ?

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  • Project 52 to continue ?

    Gary raised a good point in the "Still Life" '52 thread. Will the Project 52 be continuing ?

    ​​​​​​​Probably needs some discussion.

    There is only 4 of us continuing to contribute to the Project these days, any less and it starts to take the shine off it ( we have been down to 2 )

    I think without the Project 52, it could well see the demise of the forum, as its about all that keeps it going, if no one is posting, all traffic will dry up rather quickly.

    My view = my situation is, lately I have had precious little spare time to do anything outside of work, so my photography has definitely suffered. This will hopefully change slightly for the better in the first quarter 2018.
    If the Project 52 is to continue, I will try to keep contributing as I have done so far, ( will probably miss a week here and there when things get too hectic for me ). If I get more time to devote to my hobbies, then I will definitely contribute more than I am at present.

    How do other members feel ?
    Cheers, Brad.

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    You have raised a god point Brad. Unfortunately due to selling our house and buying another one I have had little time to get behind the camera. Settlement on the bought and sold houses is 16th. Feb and I can't see me getting any free time in the foreseeable future. We have also planned a half lap of Oz and we set off at the end of March next year.
    I can't see myself contributing to a project 52 on a regular basis, but I would like to see it continue in some form as I'm sure everyone has gained from the experience.


    • Ironwood
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      Life has to go on John, and we can only do as much as we can manage to fit in with our real lives.
      Good luck with your travels, I am envious.

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    My question was really about whether we would have a break over the festive season (and if so, for how long), but I agree with Brad and Grumpy John that we try to keep it rolling. We all have other obligations and interests (some of us had to retire to make time for medical appointments!!), but let's hang in there and somehow attract a few more entrants. But HOW?
    That is the question. Personally, I have learnt a hell of a lot just from having to try different things on my camera that I would never have attempted (or even known about). This forum got me off Auto, so thanks to all. And a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone.

    Cheers, Gary


    • Ironwood
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      I am glad to hear you are keen to continue Gary.
      Doing these projects has also helped me develop skills that I wouldn't have acquired if I didn't do them.
      When I had time earlier on in the year, I would plan my shots that I would contribute, and spend the time get them how I wanted them, even if I had to redo them a few times. It is frustrating for me at the moment, I seem to get about 15 minutes to plan and execute the shots and I have to make do with how they turn out, its not how I like to do things and takes away from the enjoyment.

      Attracting new participating members is way harder than it sounds, we have been scratching our heads trying to do it since the forum started. When you, DeeKay and Isac came onboard it was like getting a Lotto win.
      I have invited a few people I know to join up here, a couple had a look and didn't bother to join, one guy actually joined and filled out his profile, I thought he was a starter for us, but he never posted at all, or returned my "welcome" PM.

      A Merry Christmas to you and your Family, and also to all other forum members.

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    Aw shucks, what a pity. I have had a great time these past months and have also personally learnt a lot. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have literally spent hours sitting in a sort of a trance plotting and planning what to do for the for the subject of that week. I have spent even more hours taking photo after photo to get it somewhere to what I am thinking of.I don't think I will ever be in the same category as you guys but hey I will try my best.I do agree about the lack of members making it hard . I also agree that we all have issues with time this year. Maybe if we give it a break to say the end of January next year and see how we feel. Maybe we adjust a few things
    like perhaps taking a little longer to post photos. Otherwise a very Merry Christmas to you all, and thank you for your help. Thank you John,good luck for your new adventure,Thank you Brad for your nice comments and the most fabulous photos I have ever seen. Thank you Isac for your help and offers to download editing programs. Thank you Grumpy Old Greybeard for your help.And a very big thank you to Gary. Although a photo stealer ,you have helped and inspired me all the way.Hope to hear from you all in the New Year. Cherio . Dee Kay.
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      I have only contributed to the monthly challenge on one or two occassions, it is just not my thing. Obviously others enjoy it so I would support continuing it if that is the wish of the majority.

      I would however like to contribute to the forum and believe that I can best do this through educational articles and the like.

      To throw a thought into the ring, I would be prepared to do a monthly educational activity on photography subjects - not photo-editing. The emphasis would be on getting it right in the camera.

      For an example the monthly subjects could include Exposure / white balance, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, ISO and Manual Exposure, Establishing the dynamic range of your camera and the Zone system, Composition, Light and Colour, Landscape photography, Photographing people, Sports photography.

      Each topic would include, for example, theory, camera settings, effect on image, practical exercises, test (optional).

      This is put forward as a subject for discussion - it is open for acceptancee, rejection and / or amendment. It is not intended as a replacement to the current weekly competition, but could be an additional activity. Maybe another member(s) might like to provide a commentary on the RAW image conversion - post-poduction considerations in respect of the subject for the month.

      I am not easily offended so please make your thoughts known.



      • Grumpy John
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        An excellent idea Bob. Project 52 was only ever meant to be a fun project to get people out and shooting images they would not normally do. The emphasis was on having fun and exploring the dials and buttons on your camera. The idea of going one step further is fantastic and should be explored further.
        As mentioned earlier my time is pretty well taken up with the forthcoming move and preparation for our half lap next year, but if I can be of help in any way I am happy to contribute when I can.

      • Ironwood
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        Sounds like a good plan Bob. We all can benefit from educational stuff, and It could turn out to be a good way to encourage participation from existing, and hopefully new members as well.
        My thoughts would be to give it a go and see what sort of response you get from it.