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Photobucket holds members to ransom.

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  • Photobucket holds members to ransom.

    To all Photobucket users.
    Please be advised that Photobucket is holding its members to ransom and will/has stopped photos from being used on 3rd party sites. Because of this there could once again be a loss of pics on Woodwork Forums, Metalwork Forums and any pics hosted on here from Photobucket.

    This could mean the loss of around 14 years of photo's hosted on Photobucket. Like other losses of photos on the forums this out of our control and there is absolutely nothing we can do about the loss of any pics hosted on Photobucket and linked to from this site.

    I urge any Photobucket users to have a look at the below and maybe get your photos off that site and on to a memory stick or hard-drive for storage as this could spell the end of Photobucket, not to mention play merry hell with pics on these forums and almost all other forums, blogs etc, etc around the world.


    Below are a couple of extract from < Click link for more.

    Photobucket, a US-based image and video-hosting website founded in 2003, quietly changed its policy late last month to prevent users from hosting their content on third-party websites unless they pay a $US400 ($526) annual fee.

    Members who used the previously free service to store their content for use on auction sites, blogs and internet forums have discovered their images replaced with a message asking them to “update your account”.

    The move means more than a decade worth of images hosted all over the internet have suddenly turned into broken links unless members sign up for one of Photobucket’s “competitive subscription plans”.

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    Thanks for this post Neil. Greed seems to be the order of the day with these big companies. I've canceled my account with PB and am trialing a new free site called Post Image. It looks fantastic and so easy to use. I use the Attachment method for posting and it works just fine. I have 2 extra drives that I use for backups and do that with SyncToy for Windows (from Microsoft) and there are Mac alternatives as well. I run this once a day. You only have to backup files which have been added or changed, so it's really quick. I hope some of this helps other members.