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What's wrong with "Like".

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  • What's wrong with "Like".

    Going through the forums, I am surprised at how few "Likes" have been given. The Rec Flying has a range of reactions that can be awarded. They are

    Click image for larger version

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    Left to right -> Like, Agree, Funny, Helpful, Informative, Winner, More, Caution


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    Hi Peter,
    Personally I would prefer to see all "likes" etc deleted from the forum. I rarely use them, although I may if someone draws my attention to an ommission in my previous post . Our sister site , the woodworking forums, have 'likes this post',' thanks for post' , 'thanks for photo', 'pictures please'. It is not uncommon for some members to click the first 3 and in some cases all four. I have trouble fathoming how one can "Thanks for photos" and at the same time "Photo please"

    What does "Like this post" mean? Does it imply that if I don't click the 'like' button, then I don't like the post? If 4 people each post a photo and I click "like" on 3 of them, am I offending the 4th person and sending a message that the image is unworthy? In a similar vien, I might click 'like' for an image from a beginning photographer, even though it might contain flaws, but would not do so if the same image was submitted by an experienced photographer. In the case of a beginner, I could be recognising improvement or offereng encouragement - or even being sarcastic. The recipient of the 'like' has no clue as to the intention.

    If the image is not worth a minute of your time to express an opinion as to why you like it - what it is which makes the image appealing, or even words of advice and encouragement, what is the point of a meaniless token?

    Forums need participation, an interchange of ideas, advice and constructive criticsm. These comments lead to discussion and interest in the forum. An anonymous clicking of a token means nothing, and YES on this forum, it is anonymous in the sense that other members of our forum do not know who clicked the token. Hence we rarely get much discussion on posts in this forum.

    Well that's my 'grumpiness' for the week.




    • Grumpy John
      Grumpy John commented
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      "on this forum, it is anonymous in the sense that other members of our forum do not know who clicked the token. Hence we rarely get much discussion on posts in this forum."
      Not true Bob, if you click on the 1 in the like box you can see that Neil liked your post. :-)

    • oldgreybeard
      oldgreybeard commented
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      I must have something incorrectly set as it doesn't work for me.

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    Hi Bob,

    In Rec Flying and What's Up, the likes are not anonymous, when you click on them, an pop-up lists those who rated the post. See below. I understand your preference, that's OK, but sometimes it's nice to say "I like that", without having to describe what you find pleasant about it.
    Click image for larger version

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      Bob, I don't know if you get email notification of reactions to your posts, but I just received one advising a Like, and the email identified the member awarding the Like. Maybe it's this inter-activity that makes the forums so popular and creates the traffic.

      (PS: Sorry, just reread your post and noted you said "Other members don't know." which is fair comment.)
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        An interesting example you posted , Peter.

        We have 4 people who viewed the same post;
        2 of whom found the post "funny". but not "informative" and apparently didn't like it
        1 found it "Informative" but presumably not "funny" and also apparently didn't like it.
        The fourth ( who seemingly cannot spell "Tasmania") apparently found it neither "funny" nor "informative", he just liked it.

        My questions are 'would the member who submitted the post be offended by 2 members finding the post "funny" if it was meant to be informative or would the member how found it informative be feeling rather foolish when he found the post was meant to be a joke? Is there any correlation between the number of times one hits "like", "funny" or "informative" with one's status as a "Well-Known member" as opposed to just a 'member'?

        In any case, it is impossible to know what one found to be informative or what 2 others found to be funny or why only 1 of the 4 liked it. Apart from providing fodder for a debate between you and me, I find no substance in thier 'comment' to justify or generate further discussion between forum members.




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          Context: The post was in a forum called Funnies, and the thread was caption Quickies. The text of the post was

          Sorry to break the stream of consciousness, but did you hear that Putin has arranged a winter sports competition for athletes not invited to the Winter Olympics due to drug use?
          There'll be drug testing, of course. If you don't have any, they'll give you some.

          No one takes things too seriously on this forum - lots of tongue in cheek.


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            Touche!! You got me.


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              There ya go fellas. Every post in this thread has at least 1 like.

              Bit easier to find the likes icon over on WWF and MWF than on here, but the likes over on those 2 were done with a hack and strangely enough it has dramatically dropped the interaction between members since it was introduced a few years ago.

              The likes on here are part of the program. I have kept this site very basic so it will run faster and also didn't want to spend too much money on something that was a bit of an unknown. Can cost a lot of money and time to run a forum. so keeping it simple has enabled it to do what it's doing the best it can with way less expense and input from moderators.

              The other 2 forums generate a little income from ads which helps to keep them running this one doesn't even generate enough to pay for the web hosting.

              Cheers - Neil